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The centrally sponsored scheme of IEDSS was initiated from 2009-10 for the children with special needs at the secondary stage. This scheme aims to enable all children of class 9th and 10th in Government and Aided Secondary schools to have access, to improve their environment, retention and achievement in general education system.



  • To create an opportunative for the students with diabilities to complete secondary schooling in an inclusive and enabling environment.
  • To provide educational opportunities and facilities in the general education system.
  • To support the training of general school teacher to meet the needs of the children with disabilities at the secondary stage.


  • Every child with disbility will be identified and education needs are assessed.
  • For every student in need of Aids and appliances, assistive device will be provided.
  • Barrier free environment.
  • All general school teachers will be provided with basic training to handle the children with special needs.
  • Support services like, appointment of special educators and strengthening of resource room in every block.

Student oriented components

1]Medical Camps : Medical camps are organised at the block and district level for all the identifiedCSWN in class 9th. These camps are organised together with SSA.

2]Provision of aids and appliances : Children assessed in the medical camps and reacommended by the Doctor's, based on the nature of disability are provided with Aids and Appliances.

3]Transport Allowance : Due to disability there are chances of CWSN dropping out of school, hence to encourage the children to attend the school regularly and to retain them transport allowance is provided.

4]Escort Allowance : To commute to school, SRP centers and Resource centers parents, friends who escort are provided escort allowance.

5]Girls Stipend : To reduce dropout and to encourage the girl child to complete secondary level, special stipend is provided to CSWN girls of class 9th and 10th.

6]Reader Allowance : Children with visually impaired are provided support services through parents, friends and relaties. People who support are provided reader allowance.

7]Therapeutic Services : Children with physical and multiple disabled are provided Therapeutic Servieces. These Services are provided in Convergence with SSA.

Other Components :

8]Environmental Building Programme : World Disabled Day is organized on 03-12-2017 at Block level in convergence with SSA.

9]Salary for special resource teachers : Regular Teachers having special B.Ed are appointed as special resource teachers at the block level.

10]Special pay for special resource teachers : Special pay is provided to the special teachers.

11]Orientation to Education Administrators, Teachers & Parents : To develop perspective and skills in all Administrators, including teachers and parents for planning and executing programmes based on the philosophy of inclusion and to provide equal opportunity, independence, self-reliance, confidence, equal rights and to mainstream them to the regular setup, orientation is provided.


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