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It was proposed to empower girls of 9th standard by teaching them the self defense skills like karate Tequando etc.,.The PAB 2016-17 approved Rs.4500/- per school in the previous year. The state office has conducted a meeting with association of Martial arts and made them understand the need of the activity and role of the association.

The amount was utilized to empower the teachers and to pay honorarium to trainers who have provided support.


  1. Developing positive attitude
  2. Creating interest in Yoga and meditation
  3. Introducing moral values
  4. Developing the qualities co-operation, co-ordination
  5. Giving more importance for physical & mental development
  6. Provide self confidence and help in self- defence by karate

While the reasons for studying martial arts apply to all kids, there's special reasons why girls should learn martial arts. Girls often don't have the same avenues as boys for developing self-confidence or exhibiting mastery. Boys are channeled into sports at young ages, finding spots on Little League baseball teams or pee wee football squads. Without similar sports opportunities, girls are left with just academic, social, and family settings to build assertiveness and self-esteem

Martial arts techniques are often easier for young girls to learn than young boys--a girl's natural flexibility is an advantage over boys the same age. In some arts, upper-body strength, usually a male advantage is not as important as lower- body strength, usually a female advantage. As a result, girls can enjoy a unique pride in their abilities--they can think, "if I can do as well as a boy in karate, I can do as well as a boy in math class."

According to RTE Act and NCF-2005 complete develop of the person is one of the important matter. Education should be help full for the physical mental development of the child. So the school programs should be complimentary for personality development. Teacher ought to be the guide for personality development. Teachers should have mastery over relating items of personal development. So we have to plan for physical education teacherís training programme about personality development. Training module will be prepared by State level. Along with yoga, karate will be helpful for self-defense, especially for girls. So karate education is also implemented

Carrer Guidance Program

Students are unaware of the fact that 10th is the initial and crucial stage of building a career. They take the decision with puzzled and ambiguous mind and end up selecting a wrong stream thereby opening the door to worst consequences in the long-term career prospects choosing the right stream has a long lasting impact on a studentís future. It has been often noticed student start hating their subject after some time or quit their subject midway or start feeling frustrated about the wrong move or decision


  • To make the students In thinking about their future, & consider what's important of their life.
  • To know about How do you prepare for the career.
  • To enable the students through internet sites can aware of career information.

The decision they once took out of peer pressure or parental pressure or due to lack of knowledge now become the burden of their life. Hence, it is very important for any student to choose the stream carefully for better career prospects in future.

Given Guidance on:

  • Decision making and taking action
  • More Resources On Career Counseling
  • Discussion with their seniors/parents/teachers
  • Self-awareness:
  • The first stage of stream choice is self-awareness. This involves identifying your interest and understanding your aptitudes and skills. Analysing at their own end is essential while taking a decision. An example is given below to understand the scenario.

In Bangalore rural district District Training were conducted on Dated 20th December 2016 in GJC Vijayapura Devanahalli taluk Bangalore Rural District. It was a 1 day training programme. The targeted number of Students to be trained was 100 and the same was achieved.

Out come:

  • Decision making and taking action.
  • The Interest, skill & aptitude combination help to make a successful career.


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