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Objectives :

  1. To ensure that all secondary schools have physical facilities, staff and supplies according to the standards prescribed in the RMSA norms with special emphasis on achieving and sustaining a pupil/teacher ratio of 30, pupil/classroom ratio of 40, adequate and fully equipped laboratories, computer rooms and libraries.
  2. To provide full financial support in case of Government, Local Body and Government aided schools and also encourage public private partnership of various kinds and extent with NGOs and private providers of education.
  3. To ensure that no child is deprived of secondary education of satisfactory quality due to poverty, gender, socio-economic, disability and other barriers.
  4. To improve quality of secondary education through appropriate curriculum development, learning methodology and teachers' training.

Achievement of the above objectives would also imply substantial progress in the direction of the Common School System as detailed in the report of the Common.



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