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Block Resource Centres /Urban Resource Centres /Cluster Resource Centres :

  • There would be ordinarily one BRC in each Community Development (CD) Block. However, in States, where the sub-district educational administrative structure like educational blocks or circles, have jurisdictions which are not co-terminus with the CD Blocks, then the State may opt to have a BRC in such a sub-district educational administrative unit. However, in such a case the overall expenditure on BRCs and CRCs in a CD Block, both non-recurring and recurring, wouldnot be more than the overall expenditure that would have been incurred on BRCs and CRCs in case if only one BRC per CD Block were opened.
  • BRC/CRC to be located in school campus as far as possible.
  •  Rs.8 lakhs ceiling for BRC building construction wherever required
  •  Cost for CRC construction will be as per unit cost of the State for an additional classroom. It should be used as an additional classroom in schools, on non – CRC meeting/training days.
  •  Total cost of non-school (BRC and CRC) construction in any district should not exceed 5% of the overall projected expenditure under the programme in any year.
  • Deployment of up to 20 teachers in a block with more than 100 schools; 10 teachers in smaller Blocks in BRCs/CRCs put together.
  • Provision of furniture, etc. @ Rs.1 lakh for a BRC and Rs.10,000 for a CRC
  • Contingency grant of Rs.20,000 for a BRC and Rs.3000 for a CRC, per year.
  • Meetings, Travel allowance: Rs.750/- per month per BRC, Rs.300/- per month per CRC.
  • TLM Grant: Rs.5000/- per year per BRC, Rs.1000/- per year per CRC.
  •  Identification of BRC/CRC personnel after intensive selection process in the preparatory phase itself.
  •  In urban areas urban academic resource centers would be set up under SSA on the following basis: -
    1. One Cluster Resource Centre (CRC) for 100 – 150 teachers.
    2. One Urban Resource Centre (URC) on the lines of BRC for 10-15 CRCs.
    3. Norms of persons to man the CRC/URC will be the same as in SSAGuidelines/Financial Norms for BRCs/CRCs.
    4. Unit costs will remain the same as in financial norms of BRC/CRC laid down in SSA.
    5. If the Municipality or town development authority has academic staff, they may be deployed in the URCs/CRCs


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