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Inclusive Education

“Education is the fundamental right of all children”, and “Universalisation of education” is meaningful only when all the children in the age group of 6-14 are in school and get education. In this context the ‘Children With Special Needs’, need to have different programmes to enrol and to retain them in the schools.

Equity - always remains an issue. Our goal also is to reduce the gap in enrollment, retention, completion rates and achievement levels of children with respect to gender, Children with Special Needs and socially disadvantaged groups. It is also necessary to provide education to the children with special needs on par with other normal children.

The identified “children with special needs”, in the year 2012-13 are 1, 47,999. This constitutes 1.76% of the total child population from 6 - 14 years of age. Out of 1, 47,999 CWSN 1,32,823 are enrolled in schools 12,216 are covered through School Readiness Programme, rest of the 2960 CWSN are covered under Home Based education,  among these  2127 CWSN have been mainstreamed through SRP and HBE.


  • To provide necessary supporting service to the children with special needs in the context of education is the fundamental right and universalization of elementary education.
  • To provide school access to all the children with special needs.
  • To empower the teachers and parents to manage the CWSN in the process of education.
  • To reduce the gaps between the normal children and children with special needs context of elementary education.
  • To impart quality education to CWSN.
  • Establishment of resource person and resource centers at block level to handle the children with special need.


Supply of Aids and Appliances :

  1. Every year in  the month of June or July Assessment and measurement camps are conducted to CWSN . Aids and appliances are provided accordingly to their needs, corrective surgeries are provided for children in need.

Training :

  1. Teachers are given 90 days foundation course in special education and are also trained in Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Multi category subject.

Transport Subsidy :

  1. CWSN who are under Home Based Education and School Readiness programme are provided with Rs: 300/- per month as a subsidy for Transportation / Escort.

Corrective Surgery :

  1. Corrective surgeries are provided for children in need.
  2. SSA has allocated Rs: 5000/- to Rs: 50,000/- per child with sever surgical problems, further extra needed amount is pooled from NGO’s or local Donors.

Home Based Education :

  1. Home Based Education and School Readiness programme are provided with Rs: 300/- per month as a subsidy for Transportation / Escort. They are even provided with volunteers to give Daily living skills and are also regularly supervised by IERT’s.
  2. 34 Clinical Psychologists and 13 Physiotherapists are recruited.

Counselling :

  1. Parents of CWSN are called for a meeting at cluster level. Community awareness programme is also organizes at cluster level in which they are made aware of the various facilities that are available for CWSN.

Exposures to CWSN :

  • CWSN are exposed with various activities. Adventure and Nature Study Camps are organized, in which children voluntarily participate in various rock climbing activities and also water sports.
  • They are even toured within their districts through Chinnara Zilla Darshan Programme under IE intervention.
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