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Early Childhood Care and Education

Early Childhood care and Education is the pre requisite as it supports the system of Primary Education. The quality of input to primary education is to a great extent influenced by the effective early child care education facilities that are being offered. Considering the importance of ECCE centres as feeding schools for sibling care, the strategy has been initiated under SSA towards providing nutritious food, play materials and health care for their growth. Most of the Pri-primary schools are located in the primary school premises, thus they become the feeding schools for primary schools.
In the year 2012-13 two districts namely Bangalore Rural and Hassan are conducting ECCE activity. Early child hood care and education a wide range of programmes aimed at the physical cognitive and social development of children before they enter primary school. Ecce not compulsory but the demand for its growing as parents and educators see how pre- primary education helps to set the foundation for lifelong learning.

  1. The aim is to maintain a high level of facilities and opportunities in class room transition and ensure a better infrastructure than a locally and privately run neighbouring school.
  2. Strengthening pre- school component in Women and child welfare Department by need–based training of Anganwadi sevika, provision of additional teachers, learning materials etc. 
  3. Generating training programmes for community leaders.
  4. Providing for intensive planning for ECCE.
  5. Development of materials for Ecce related activities.
  6. Promoting convergence between the school system and the ECCE arrangement.



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