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There are a large number of activities/programme in the Department of Education in which participation of girls & disadvantaged children is minimal non-participation is embedded in the social stauncher which is also reflected in schools. Hence, it is essential to plan a few activities/programme which are exclusively focussed on girls & disadvantaged social groups. Such activities build and boost the confidence levels develop balanced self-concept and self-regard among their children eventually they help in meaningful and better schooling of their kits.  
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan has been operating context specific activities to address the problem of exclusion of girls and children belonging to marginalised communities and disadvantaged groups. It includes Girls, early childhood care, children of SC, ST & Minority communities, urban deprived children and other groups of children.  

Children in difficult circumstance, such as child labourers, without adult protection and children in conflict with law are also in focus. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan encourages a wide variety of need based, local specific innovations for marginalised communities and disadvantaged groups.
They are :

  • Awareness camps for adolescent girls,
  • Meena program
  • Chinnara Agri Dharshan
  • Chinnara Krida Abhiyan
  • Chinnara Zilla Dhashan
  • Adventure and Nature Study camp
  • Early Childhood Care & Education

         Some of the activities like, chinnara Zilla Darshan,chinnara Agri Darshan,Chinnara Kreeda Abhiyan, Adventure and Nature Study Camps common for Girls, SC/ST, Minority.
          There are some activities which are meant only for specific target groups like Meena programme, Awareness camp for adolescent girls and Ecce for 3 to 6 years children.


Progress and Activities

2012-13 Quality Monitoring Tool Progress - English | Kannada.

Innovative Activities and Progresss for the year 2012-13.


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