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Management Information System.

DISE-District information System for Education

DISE is conceived as the background of an integrated educational management information system operating at the block, district and state level. DISE is the latest update of the school information system right from school level and keeping a district as the unit of implementation. In Karnataka initiative was taken to customize the DISE software according to our State requirement with the help of NUEPA, New Delhi. Present system covers all schools imparting education up to secondary stage. The system collects and computerizes detailed data on school location, management, teachers, school buildings and equipment,enrolment by gender and age, attendance by gender and social group, incentives and the number of disabled children in various grades, results by class, gender and social group.

The MIS unit at State Project office in all district and blocks are functional and are provided with necessary infrastructure and personnel.

DISE Programme Profile in English

DISE Programme Profile in Kannada


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