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National Programme for Education of Girls at Elementary Level (NPEGEL), is a focused intervention of Government of India, to reach the “Hardest to Reach” girls, especially those who are not in school. The scheme was launched in July’ 2003, it is an important component of SSA, which provides additional support for enhancing girl’s education over and above the investments for girls education for through normal SSA interventions. The programme provides for development of “model School” in every cluster with more intense community mobilization and supervision of girls enrolment in schools. Gender sensitisation of teachers, development of gender-sensitive learning materials, and provision of need-based incentives like escorts, stationery, workbooks and uniforms are some of the endeavours under the programme.

The Scheme is being implemented in educationally backward blocks (EBBs) where the level of rural female literacy is less than the national average and the gender gap is above the national average; in blocks of districts which are not covered under EBBs but are having at lease 5% SC/ST population and where SC/ST female literacy is below 10%; and also in select urban slums.

While The scheme provides an excellent opportunity to develop context specific strategies to address learning needs of girls and to focused community mobilization and gender sensitization of teachers in an innovative and effective manner.

NPEGEL programme is implemented in 62 EBBs of 18 Districts of the state during 2009-10. The total number of clusters covered under NPEGEL during 2008-09 is 921 including 4 urban slums. Of 921, 108 Model cluster schools are being managed by Mahila Samakhya, Karnataka.

Progress and Activities


Success Stories

Success Stories/Good Practices in NPEGEL Programme :

Stopping of Child Marriage by Meena Team:

Sub: Stopping Child marriage of Renuka a 10th standard Girl by Meena team girls of Hudgi CRC, Humnabad Taluka.

Renuka a girl of 10th standard informed her classmates about her marriage, which would be held in the next few days.This was overheard by the girls of Meena team and they decided to stop the marriage.Somehow they went to convince the parents of Renuka on 14-12-2005, but it was in vain.Later on they informed the director of Srushti institution Smt. Laxmi through phone.According to the instruction of Laxmi, the children informed the school Head Master, SDMC, CCO, BRC, MSK, CRP. All officials moved to Indira Nagar village Hudgi Tq. Humnabad and convinced their parents.CDPO, Police, Tahsildar also actively participated in stopping the child marriage. Owing to poverty of the parents the marriage was held in the night of 15-12-2008. Renuka is having 04 sisters and one brother. Renuka is the third daughter. Renuka’s two sisters were married in the evening of 15-12-2008. Renuka and her elder sister marriage held on 16-12-2008. Dy.P.C, BRC visited the parents and advised them about the evils of child marriage.
Renuka is a 10th Standard girl studying in the Govt. High School, Janata Nagar. Owing to poverty of her parents, she agreed for the simultaneous marriage with her elder sister as believed it would save her parents expenditure. As the marriage was opposed by everyone the parents agreed not to send Renuka to her husbands’ house untill she attains 18 years of age. On Dy.P.C’s instruction the parents of Renuka are agreed not to marry Renuka’s younger sister Mamata until she completes her education and attain 18 years of age.

Vocational Skills Development:

Most of the Schools imparting Vocational skills like tailoring, embroidery, painting under NPEGEL Programme. Apart from these traditional skills, other vocational skills are also imparted to the girls. Some examples are given in the below table:

Table 30: Few Examples of Vocational Skills Developed in Different Blocks

SL.NO District Block Vocational skills
1   Hungund Incense stick preparation, pappad preparation, pickle preparation
Mudhol Cycle repair
Badami Mobile repair, carpentry
Bilagi Pottery, Knitting, Basket making
Bagalkot Candle making, Tooth powder making, Dish wash bar preparation cherry preparation, Beautician.



Kalagatagi Preparing of food materials like pappad, pickle etc
3 Belguam Ramdurga 0.64000
Savadatti 1.80681


Bellary Sandur Chalk Piece preparation, phenyl preparation, Soap Powder preparation



H.B. Halli Carpentry, Organic fertilizer preparation, weaving, Mushroom Agriculture



All Blocks
  • Cycle repair, repair of cot/chair
  • Chalk Piece making
  • Incense stick making, saree work



  • Doll making, candle making, mehendi


Ramanagar Channapatna
  • Stitching of Yepron and sold to all the cooks who are work in kitchens in schools under Mid-day meal programme.


Kolar and Chikkaballapur  
  • Aquarium, beautician, repair of electrical equipments

Source: District Reports

Success story in Vocational skill Development
  • Lakshmi, a student from navali MCS of Gangavathi block, Koppal district learnt tailoring and embroidery under NPEGEL programme and now she is working as vocational instructor in the same school.
Exposure Visit and Experience Sharing
Few Successes:
  • A visit to Jawahar Navalagi Vidyalaya school was organised to the children of K.R. nagar block, Mysore district.Opportunity was created to the children to interact with the teachers and to get first hand experience about the school. This helped the children to get motivation to work hard to get through the entrance exam.
  • Students were taken to various institutions like post office, Bank and Hospitals in Mudhol taluk of Bagalkot district.This helped the girl children to know about how different institutions function and gives first hand knowledge on different vocations.
Special coaching for girls on the Navodaya entrance examination:

To help girl children to get admission into the Navodaya school, special coaching programme has been organized.

  • Huge number of girls was made to take entrance examination under the programme. 1041 girls from Harapanahalli Block, Davangere dist and 1197 girls from K.R. nagar block, Mysore dist have opted for Navodaya entrance exam. Special coaching is being organised from TGT teachers.
Meena Programme

Meena clubs are functioning well. Quite a few successes/good efforts are being reported on the impact of this programme. Few of them are listed below:

  • Members of Meena club have successfully stopped the marriage of a girl by name ‘shilpa’ who is studying in 7th std in Mahalingapura MCS, Mudhol Block, Bagalkote dist.
  • Child marriage of Geetha was stopped in kustagi Taluk and she was admitted to KGBV.
  • Three girls were prevented from getting marriage kyada village of badami Taluk.
  • A girl by name ‘Mahila Harijana’ studying in 8th std was dropped out of school for 6 months in Kalaghatagi Taluk. Meena children were successful to continue her studies in KGBV.
  • Meena children were successful in mainstreaming 4 OOSC girls in Ramadurga and 5 OOSC girls in Savadatti Block.
  • Meena children are successful in stopping the marriage of a girl by name ‘asha bi’ who was studying in the Hippiteremagani village of Hospet Block.
  • Meena children are successful in mainstreaming 6 OOSC children in Ganadalu Village of Raichur Block. These children along with Meena facilitator have given an interview on their success in All India Radio, Raichur.
  • Kavitha, an OOSC girl admitted to school in Kestur Koppalu cluster of K.R. Nagar Block.


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