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Out of School Children (OOSC)

OOSC identified through census categorised as under

  • 5.10 aged non-enrolled children whose enrolment will be completed the following June through regular and special enrolment drives.
  • The never enrolled children who are in the age group of 7-14 years.
  • The dropouts from schools at various stages of school, in 7 to 14 years age group.

Strategies adopted for Out of school children.

Short Term Bridge Courses  (3 Months)
  • During summer vacation, 90 days bridge courses known as “Chinnara Angala” Special Training (Residential and Non Residential) is provided for non-enrolled and dropout children. They will be mainstreamed to regular schools after 3 months special training.
Long Term (6/12 Months RBC)
  • Residential bridge courses for both never-enrolled and drop-out children so as to mainstream them to regular schools.
  • Non residential bridge courses for both never-enrolled and drop-out children so as to mainstream them to regular schools.
  • Seasonal bridge courses of 6 months duration for children of potential migrants in search of employment (out migration).
Tent Schools

Tent schools are opened for children of in-migrants for employment from various places. Migration cards are provided for migrant children.

Mobile schools

In Bangalore city and Mysore , a bus-cum - school facility is being provided. These mobile schools serve the children in slums and where there is no schools facility.

Feeder School

Feeder Schools will be opened in the habitations where there are less than 10 children of school going age and new schools cannot be opened as per norms.

Transportation Facility

Transportation facility is provided for children whose habitations are beyond the norms for access, 1 Km for LPS, 3 Kms for HPS and in case of natural barriers like rivers, National High ways, Railway track and Hilly areas.

NCLP(National Child Labour Project)
  • NCLP Schools are run by Labour Department in order to eradicate child labour and to provide them elementary education.
  • SSA is funding for Residential NCLP schools at the rate of Rs. 3000 per child.
Home Based Education
  • For severely disabled children Home based education is provided. These children are trained on life skills. A trained education volunteer will go to child’s home for two days in a week and teach the child.

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Special Enrolment Drive

Will be conducted every year during June-July to enroll the children who have not enrolled upto June end.


SSA is funding for registered Madrasas who have agreed to impart formal education. An amount of 1.40 lakhs is provided for each Madrasa having 50 children.

Participation of NGO’s

NGO’s are involved in implementing the strategies for OOSC. Every year notification will be given in News paper and put up on website in the Month of March –April.

Establishment of Meena clubs in Non-NPEGEL cluster:

From the year 2010-11, PAB has approved for the establishment of Meena clubs in Non-NPEGEL clusters to create awareness among parents to send their children to schools. This will also help the girls to empower themselves.

Urban Deprived Children:

Under innovative activity a sum of Rs. 9.75 lakhs is allocated for each district to carry out the following activities.

    • To open transit homes for orphans and shelterless children in Bangalore city.
    • To conduct periodical survey of urban deprived children in Bangalore city.
    • To provide incentives to urban deprived children at Rs. 2000/- per child per year, if the child has 75% of attendance and learning achievement of ‘B+’ grade
    • To conduct adolescent programmes for urban deprived girls. 

( For further details please refer to a detailed circular dated: 11.05.2010. )

Number of Out of School Children over the years




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