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Research Evaluation Monitoring and Supervision :

REMS in Quality Education :
REMS is one of the major interventions that focus on Quality Dimension of education under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Mission.  The approved activities under REMS focus on Research and Evaluation which helps in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the educational practices and move towards the goal of achieving quality in education.  There is a provision of Rs.1,500/- per school per annum under REMS for both the Government and  Aided Schools. Out of this amount Rs.50 per school will be made available for SCPCR activities.       

It is not enough if a support system is created.  Unless the processes are monitored and supervised by knowledgeable persons   even a good system will collapse after initial success.  Periodic review and guidance is necessary to keep the system going well.  Hence monitoring through different activities like district level sharing, seminars, school visits will invariably help the system move towards the desired goal. REMS activities take on this challenge of providing quality education by taking care of all the  concerns of education.

School Level Activities :
School Level activities play a vital role for the progressive development of children and all round development of students. To encourage the creativity and talents of children and teachers, number of activities are carried out at school level. The activities like flannel boards for each classroom, reading corners, student unions, prathiba karanji etc, are cost free and continuos ongoing programmes which help to draw out the best in children and all round development of the students.

Cluster Level Activities :
Clusters are the centers of all academic activities.  The CRC provides immediate support to the school system, both academic and administrative.  The cluster resource person monitors and supervises all interventions of REMS with guidance from the BRC and DIET. Cluster level activities provide a forum for the teachers to share their experiences with a larger community of teachers.  Here they have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of the teachers in different schools, who come from varying backgrounds. There are 4103 clusters functioning in the state . In all these clusters REMS activities are implemented, and monitored.


The BRCs provide the academic support to the CRCs as well as schools.  Block level activities provide a forum to the teachers to share their views with the teachers from the block.  The best practices in the block are presented in the block level REMS activities.  Representations from the cluster activities are exhibited in block level programmes.

Block Research Advisory Committees :
 Block Research Advisory Committees are constituted at Block level in order to get guidance for implementing the REMS activities . BRAC meets once in 3 months every year to review the REMS activities.

Action Research Training & Dissemination :
Fifty teachers from LPS and fifty teachers from HPS in each block were specially trained in Action Research. The teachers trained on Action Research will identify the major drawbacks in teaching- learning process and class room problems. Two day workshop conducted helped teachers develop conceptual clarity of Action Research. Trained teachers take up the action research to find the immediate solution for identified problem. Supervisory officers provided necessary guidelines to the teachers in the follow up of action research outcomes at the class room levels. 19570 teachers were trained at block level during 2012-13.

Research and Evaluation Programmes at Block level :
During 2012-13 more stress is given to Research and Evaluation work from the block level itself. Different activities are planned under this heading to know the strength and weakness of educational practices and improve the quality of education. The programs are as listed below.

  1. Analysis of QMT
  2. Analysis of DISE
  3. Analysis of effective implementation of Cluster Sharing Meetings
  4. To assess the effective implementation of SSA activities.

Progress of workshop and meetings :
Two workshops and two meetings are planned in each block to review the progress of REMS activities. CRPs and BRPs are trained in Monitoring and Supervisory activities for the progress academic development of the clusters and the block. BRPs and CRPs are trained in the workshop regarding implementation of REMS activities. Progress and follow up reviews will be taken up in the periodical meetings.


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