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Media & Documentation:

Media and Public Awareness about SSA and RTE :

Marshal  the services of print, electronic and folk media, to carry SSA and RTE Act provisions to nook and corner of the state thereby facilitating awareness, interest and   involvement of the stake holders, general public as well as sensitise the service  providers such as the SDMC’s, Head  teachers ,Teachers , Panchayaths, community leaders and educational administrators  at all levels.  

Objectives of utilizing media:

  • To make aware of the programmes of  SSA.
  • Sensitize the community for enrolment, retention and quality schooling.
  • Educate public about gender issues, deprived children.
  • Popularize success stories of the project.
  • Propagate the cause of education by mainstreaming out of school children.
To involve Media in enhancing effectiveness of SSA activities.

Annual Report

Annual Report 2013-14 - English | Hindi | Kannada.

Annual Report 2012-13 - English | Hindi | Kannada.

Annual Report 2011-12.

Annual Report 2010-11 - English | Hindi | Kannada.

Annual Report 2009-10.

Annual Report 2008-09.

Annual Report 2007-08


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